Our unconscious bias training is designed to expose you and your team to unconscious biases, provide tools to adjust automatic patterns of thinking, and ultimately reduce and eliminate discriminatory behaviors. A critical component of unconscious bias training is creating awareness for implicit bias. We want to help your understanding of bias so that you can have the most intentionality when dealing with biases in the workplace.


  • The Impact of Cultural Differences
  • What is Unconscious vs. Cultural Bias
  • How Bias is Formed in our Unconscious
  • How Bias Affects the Workplace
  • Strategies of Recognizing and Disrupting Unconscious and Cultural Bias
  • Value of Confronting Bias in the Workplace
  • Whose Responsibility is it to Adapt?
  • Overcoming the Fear of Saying the Wrong Thing
  • The Stages of Personal Change that Must Occur to Formalize an Intercultural Mindset
  • Making the Changes


  • Recognize own biases
  • Increase exposure to biases
  • Establish diverse role models
  • Develop foundational understanding of 3 kinds of bias: unconscious, cultural, systems
  • Build understanding of how biases are formed in our unconscious
  • Understand why it is important not to be biased
  • Discuss strategies for recognizing and disrupting the unconscious and cultural bias
  • Increase feelings of inclusivity
  • Build awareness, knowledge, and skill development
  • Learn how to work together more effectively


  • Lower turnover; higher retention
  • Higher innovation and better effects on organizational performance
  • Increase in productivity and creativity due to the focus on work and less on what keeps the team members separated
  • Employees feel more respected, cared for and are more present and engaged
  • More ease in working together to reach your business goals
  • Problems are solved much quicker when there is a larger pool of diverse team members ready to jump into action
  • Teams work together seamlessly

FORMAT: Live interactive webinar ("Synchronous") on Zoom

DURATION: 4-hour course

WHEN: Ongoing


INVESTMENT: $400 per person

Workshop Facilitator

Kelly Lewis-Arthur, Ph.D. : Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Kelly M. Lewis-Arthur  is a Licensed Psychologist (Georgia and Washington DC) and the President of GlobeCoRe, Inc. with over 20 years of combined expertise in psychotherapy, coaching, psychological evaluation, workshops and trainings, and cultural immersion experiences across a number of topic domains. She is well published in these areas and has received numerous awards for her national and international work. Dr. Lewis-Arthur received her B.A. in Psychology from DePaul University and her M.A. and Ph.D. in Clinical-Community Psychology from Michigan State University. After completing her pre-doctoral residency at Yale University and her post-doctoral fellowship at Emory, Dr. Lewis-Arthur worked for several years as a consultant to the CDC and as a professor of Psychology at GSU and Walden University. She is currently an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the Emory School of Medicine.

Dr. Lewis-Arthur has worked with individual, couples, family, group and organizational clients across a variety of settings including outpatient hospitals, clinics, university counseling centers, shelters, schools, public health agencies, community based mental health agencies, non-profits, and corporations. As a recognized expert in empowerment and culturally relevant treatment approaches, her programs employ collaborative, safe, nurturing, and solution focused processes that facilitate positive growth and whole body wellness for children, adolescents, adults and aging populations. She works with clients to overcome adversity, secure fresh perspectives and new directions for the next phase of life. 

Her theoretical orientation is primarily systems-based with roots in interpersonal, CBT and solution-focused approaches. Essentially, she works with clients to facilitate individual and systems level change within a context that is empowering, culturally sensitive, interpersonal, solution focused and supportive of the cultural world view of those she works with. She has taught and mentored doctoral level clinicians-in-training and presented at national/international conferences and workshops on the topics of multi-cultural mental health, diversity and cross-cultural psychology, empowerment approaches to treatment, life and career coaching, family-systems therapy, community psychology and prevention, program evaluation, and women's issues. Dr. Kelly's hobbies include: traveling, exploring new cultures, cooking, spending time with family/friends, enjoying the outdoors and adventure activities and being near the water.

Establish diverse role models
Develop foundational understanding of 3 kinds of bias: unconscious, cultural, systems
Discuss strategies for recognizing and disrupting the unconscious and cultural bias

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