Cultural Awareness & Transformation

We use travel to a variety of countries for the purpose of providing an experience in cultural immersion. Our aim is to challenge the participant’s cultural and individual assumptions about self and identity while instilling cultural fluency.

As a traveler, you will learn to become more aware of cultural similarities and differences through education, training, experience, travel, and work. You will live in a local community and participate in experiential learning activities, while actively engaging in the lives and language of the local culture. Through this experience, you will gain a deeper understanding of and appreciation for a culture very different from your own.

This immersion includes exposing travelers to specific social issues that challenge the people of the host country. In turn, the exposure challenges our travelers’ notions of themselves and others. As a result, our participants experience a personal and professional transformation and return home completely changed!

Educational Benefits

Our cultural immersion experiences are designed by educators and former university study abroad directors. The experience is designed to reach a broad spectrum of participants including: students, educators, medical professionals, clergy, business and working professionals, medical and public health communities, churches, and corporations.

We also offer opportunities for university faculty and school leaders (e.g. teachers and administrators) to provide study abroad experiences for their students without doing the extensive legwork necessary for the development of a study-abroad experience. This takes the burden off your shoulders.

Our program is designed to facilitate a safe, affordable, educational, and fun trip abroad. Our cultural immersion model offers a way for educators to receive an all-expense paid trip abroad with the possibility of compensation and teaching credit. Planning and implementation are done by us, thus removing the burden of implementing a study abroad trip by the educator.

A sampling of our signature cultural immersion experiences is listed below; however, we also tailor offerings for your organizations’ specific needs and topic areas.